Telehealth Device

Integration using Omron Telehealth Device

  • - Devices adopt standard Services and Profiles designated by Bluetooth SIG
  • - Omron provides "StarterKit" including Sample data communication App

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OMRON connect App

Integration via OMRON connect App

  • - OMRON connect App provides basic health data management feature
  • - Very easy integration with 3rd Party App using the API provided by OMRON

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Omron provide multiple methods to integrate with Omron devices.
Please check this comparison page.
You can find most suitable method for your services.

Comparison betweenTelehealth Device and OMRON connect App


Oct 14, 2020
Telehealth DeviceThe number of supported smartphone devices has increased.
Apr 22, 2019
Telehealth DeviceNew version of StarterKit (adapted to later API level and IDE version) has been released.
Oct 9, 2018
Telehealth DeviceNew Body Composition Monitor(HBF-222T) has been released.
Jun 1, 2018
Telehealth DeviceNew version of StarterKit (communication quality and UI improved) has been released.
Jul 20, 2017
OMRON connect AppThe number of countries which OMRON connect Cloud (server) released has increased.